Thursday, June 22, 2017

You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are!

Wayne Dyer was being interviewed by Anthony Robbins. Tony said that he understood that Wayne had a very difficult childhood. Dr. Dyer said “no” he really didn’t have a difficult childhood.

His father was abusive, and his childhood did have everything associated with a difficult time, but he didn’t know any different, so for him, it was not a difficult childhood. He certainly did not let anything that happened in his youth hold him back from making a contribution in the world.

If you tell a child, a girl, who has some moles that they are beauty marks, instead of ugly moles, she will think they are beautiful! The point is “we are what we focus on.” For example, you started a new business, it failed and you struggled and struggled trying to get back on your feet again. You went out to find a job and you were rejected by one company after another and you couldn’t get hired, so you kept looking. Then you finally got hired for your dream job. This dream job provided you with excellent benefits, a great location and it used your abilities and you flourished, and you absolutely loved what you did without the stress of being self-employed.

You can look at this in one of two ways. You can see the most miserable time of your life, the time you were rejected and failed and you could attach all of that to your perception and vision of yourself.  You can think of yourself as a big loser who just happened to wander into a good job or to see it as a series of events leading up to one spectacular event, which could not have happened without the struggle. Which do you think is going to carry you forward in your life in a better way?

The kid with the moles can either look at herself in disgust, embarrassment, and despair (as many young women do) or she can look at her beautiful beauty marks and gracefully carry them all her life, knowing how magnificent she is. It all comes from the same thing and nothing is any different, except for our perception and focus. If you look for the positive in a situation, you will be happier. This does not only apply to your self-image, it also affects your interaction, perception, and relationships with others. There are those who search for the negative in other people. It never fails, they peruse others until they find their faults, then they dwell upon them. Perfection doesn’t exist, so if anyone looks for something wrong with me or you, they are going to find it. I can tell you this much, I have a lot of good in me and so do you. If you look for that, you will find that, too.

I would rather see the good in others than to focus on the negative; it makes me feel better about mankind. I believe there is good in everyone.

“Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.
 -Peter McWilliams

I would like to request that you focus on the good in people especially those you love. Leave behind resentments, leave behind expectations, and just look for what is good and come back and tell me what you see.

 Health Coach Mariluz 

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