Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chemical Free Flea Repellent

If you don’t want to dose your dog with chemicals to fight fleas why not try a few of my tricks for repelling them. Cedar wood shavings inside the bedding is great. Not only does this deter fleas from your dog’s rest area, but it smells fresh and pleasant. You can take 50 ml of water, spray bottle, 2 tablespoons of Vodka, and a few drops of Cedar wood essential oil (not much), add it all to the spray bottle, shake well, and spray directly on the sleeping area. I also like to put one drop of Geranium essential oil on my companion's collar. It seems to repel bugs. Adding Brewer’s Yeast and garlic to your pet’s diet can help deter fleas as well. The odor and the flavor on your dog’s skin are unappealing to those pesky biting critters. (A clove a day crushed and mixed into the food or 1/8 to 1/4 powdered garlic) The size of the animal will determine how much Brewer’s Yeast to mix into the food. It can vary from 1 teaspoon for a small dog to 1 tablespoon for a large dog. You can also dust Brewer’s Yeast over your pet’s fur. Feeding your beloved companion a high quality food will help keep him healthier and keep those fleas at bay. To your health, and your pet’s! (just a little side note - use garlic at your own discretion - there seems to be some folks that think garlic is not healthy for our pets).

In memory of Jersey - my dog child -  July 2000 - January 2015