Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cleansing and the Lymph System

Cleansing and detoxifying programs are the rage these days with promises of losing weight, gaining more energy, clearer skin, and so on. Every kind of cleanse is available: from sugar detox, to liquid only, to herbals, and strict dietary elimation. But what if we stopped and considered how the body actully cleans itself. The body is an amazing machine with the ability to heal, regenerate, and get rid of the garbage we take in, and it’s done through the lymphatic system – the body’s waste disposal system. This incredible sytem uses lymphatic fluid to carry bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells through the lymph nodes to be cleaned before returning the fluid to our system. The lymphatic system is especially important because it is keeping our immune system strong (fighting cancer, colds and flus, etc.). We also cleanse by deep breathing, sweating and going to the toilet.

Lymph nodes are the key component in this system. The lymph nodes are small bean shaped structures along the lymphatic system. These tiny masses clean the lymph and remove infectious organisms and bacteria before the lymph fluid returns to the blood. Lymph nodes are located at the knees, groin area, abdominal area, elbow, armpits, neck and tonsils. These nodes are not usually felt, however, if there is an infection these masses can swell up; use swollen nodes as a health issue trigger.

According to the book “The New Holistic Herbal” to help these congested glands cleanse, one should avoid the following foods:

Red meats
Greasy, fatty foods and fried foods
Cheese, butter, cream, milk
Vinegar and pickles
Sugar, and sugar based products
Artificial additives, preservatives, colorings and flavorings,

One should increase fruits, and vegetables, which of course are excellent cleansing ingredients.

I believe cleansing and detoxing programs are very valuable, but knowing what foods can congest the lymph system can better help one’s overall daily and weekly regime and helping the body to detox on its own.

I'm also convinced that the toxins we are exposed to in our daily lives: house cleaners, soaps, use of plastics, pesticides, cheaply made cosmetics, dryer sheets, etc., also congest our lymph system making it difficult for our lymphatic system to do its job. So along with reducing foods that congest, why not try to reduce the chemicals that can be reduced. There are healthier alternatives ones made with more natural and gentle ingredients. Help your body stay as strong as possible after all it's the only one you've got!


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