Saturday, November 5, 2016

Meal Planning Made Easier

"The more time a nation devotes to food preparation at home, the lower its rate of obesity. In fact, the amount of time spent cooking predicts obesity rates more reliably than female participation in the labor force or income. Other research supports the idea that cooking is a better predictor of a healthful diet than social class." ⎯ Micheal Pollan

If you want better health cook and eat at home. I don't mean pick up a pre-made, packaged meal and heat in the oven, I mean make a meal⎯cut, peel, slice and then cook it. 

In my health coaching practice, the two main things I tell clients consistently are: 1. Make home cooked meals and; 2. Eat a minimum of 7 to 10 fruits and vegetables a day. 

The truth is it's easier said than done.

I really do practice what I teach so I know it's not always so easy. Eating raw carrots and celery sticks all the time gets boring. Taking a banana to work every day gets a little blah, too. Life is busy. We have obligations and commitments and it can be difficult to set aside time to decide what to cook for the week, and then create the grocery list for the items you don't have on hand.

In efforts to increase my daily vegetable and fruit intake and get more variety into my diet, I signed up with Real Plans, a monthly meal planner, and recipe subscription service. I chose the vegetarian plan and now have access to lots of vegetable recipes (raw and cooked) at my fingertips. I prepare extra ⎯ cook once and eat twice.
I'm saving time too because I'm not searching through cookbooks and the internet worrying about what to prepare for the week, and the amazing thing about this plan is the way it creates the weekly grocery list - a shopping list which lets me check off ingredients I already have, and it can be viewed on my iPhone using the app so I can take it with me to the grocery store.

Another reason why I'm using this program is to help me eliminate certain foods from my diet so when I feel like I've been eating too much of something, i.e. dairy, I customize the program to avoid dairy. This is fabulous for people who are taking certain medications and have to avoid foods that clash with the meds. But what I really love about Real Plans is that all the recipes in this program use healthy ingredients⎯stuff I already use and ingredients I encourage family and clients to use. 

Real Plans adjusts to your likes and dislikes. You don't like a recipe? Archive it. You have favorite recipes? Import them into your Recipe Box. You can also edit the recipe--add or remove an ingredient. To learn more about Real Plans watch the video below. 

This is how Real Plans works:  

You sign up. 
Customize your meal plan for your unique diet.
You get 1,500 recipes from your favorite bloggers.
You get the app which is your phone access to your meal plans and your shopping list 
You get 24/7 support from the Real Plan Team.

I am a Holistic Nutrition/Wellness Coach working to help men and women improve their health in a simple and attainable way. My approach is through the gradual introduction of healthy eating habits and living practices specific to his or her body and lifestyle. I work with my clients in creating a personalized plan that supports their short and long-term health goals.

I received my training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Centre/College of International Holistic Studies, and The Heart of Herbs Herbal School, and am accredited by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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